14 Oct 2013
October 14, 2013

An exercise in Psycho-archetypes

As we’ve been discussing the various avenues for targeting your ‘audience’ AKA: Niche Tribe we should examine the psychological components of this audience, also known as ‘psycho-archetype’. What are the contributing intellectual, emotional and spiritual X factors that lead them through the decision making process and how can you tap into this, often hidden, psychological element.

Pick your ideal donor or investor who has been a dream come true to work with and who always seems to be there when you need someone to go the extra mile. The basics in discovering the inner qualities of your target audience can be summed up by asking yourself a few simple questions about this ideal individual: Are they male or female? What are their online habits? What is their annual income level average? What do they do for a living? What is their level of education? What are their personal philosophies, idea about money and general view of the world? What emotional value are they getting out of contributing both time and money to your cause?

Your answers to the above simple questions will initiate a psychological profile of the niche within your niche who are most likely to get involved and participate at all levels with your fund raise. Let’s take this one set further and look at the subconscious aspects of their decision making process. Again, take a look at the ideal individual that you used in the exercise above. Now find out the following: What are their 4 biggest dreams of fantasies? If they could snap their fingers and change one thing in their life, what would it be? What is their biggest fear? What is their perspective on their own life? What are their 5 biggest frustrations? What would be their one core objection to participating in your cause? What myths or unfounded beliefs do they have about your industry and initiative? What must they believe or feel about you in order to take action both financially and with their time?

As a group you should go through the above exercise with each of those who stand out as ‘real’ contributors from the outside who are not directly affiliated with your company as an insider. Remember, your business must connect with your target audience’s innermost and deepest desires. You need to present your concept in a way that appeals to this desire and you must constantly ask yourself, ‘How is my communication right now tunneling beneath that mind’s critical faculty and connecting with the emotional and spiritual side of the audience’. Think of this with your Tweets, podcasts, YouTube videos, LinkedIn appeals etc.

Through the above exercise you will find those who are: least likely to participate and not worth the valuable time and resources to promote to, the middle of the road 50/50 audience member and the best and most qualified audience member and you can adjust your communication activity accordingly.



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