The Book on Mergers and Acquisitions

Many companies are not thriving because they lack the proper corporate structure that will instill investor confidence. Here is what you company will look like after a proper Overhaul

Your company must contain the following components:

1.     Board of directors selection

2.     Board of advisors selection

3.     C-level executive selection and qualification

4.     Strategic alliance identification and facilitation

5.     Pre-public expansion strategy identification and facilitation

6.     Business plan authoring

7.     Private placement memorandum authoring (if needed)

8.     Investor referral program

9.     Third party audit

10.  S1 filing and comments by our legal teams

11.  15c211 filing by our market maker selection, FINRA trading symbol achieved

12.  Powerful post-public investor relations solutions by partner companies to create market and build stock value and trading volume

13.  Corporate and product/service publicity using TV and radio panel interviews to promote the knowledge of executive, build corporate brand and get trading symbol out to the masses.

14.  Post-public acquisition identification and facilitation solutions

15.  Post-public subsidiary mergers and acquisition identification and solutions


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