If you’re embarking on a crowdfunding campaign you’ll obviosly be doing some heavy promotion and you’ll need to collect that data with a landing page. Before you launch I suggest you create and test a few landing pages (also called squeeze pages) in which you can give a quick tantalizing tidbit to peek one’s curiosity and then offer a place where they can enter their email address into a form for more information or a free eBook so that you can build a powerful list for email correspondence during your promotion. This can easily be achieved via free WordPress and Blogger blog themes and even the most novice of technophobes can create palatable landing pages that convert using the template systems in place with these particular web presence solutions. Test the creative using URL tracking such as freeurltracker.com so that you roll out your campaign with the page that converts at a higher ratio.


First come up with a few creative. Be sure to make them short and sweet and to the point. You want to have a standout title, an image or video below and to the left of the title, to the right you want some powerful bullet points about your offer using the content you discovered during the psychological profile exercise and below that text you’ll want a simple form where the site visitor can place their email address.


Two things must happen on your landing page: first I suggest a banner redirect campaign using a vendor like sitescout.comwhere every site visitor gets a cookie placed on their computer and your banners can follow them around online within thesitescout.com network. This will enhance conversions if they didn’t give you their email on the first page visit. Second, it is imperative that all emails submitted on the form be placed into an autoresponder for ongoing communication with an eye toward both financial conversion as well as promotional participation in your crowdfunding strategy.


Your subscribers should be put on an information drip where they receive fun and insightful emails on a regular but not spammy timeline. Bring them to more landing page for that visual rapport building where you are talking on video. Give them multiple options for participation. Tell them how they can help even if they are not donating. They can ‘like’ your page, retweet for you, tell their friends. So many times crowdfunding campaigns are constructed with the odd mentality where unless the individual donates or invests they serve no purpose. The exact opposite is the reality. Time and energy is also a wonderful investment. With the proper communication and openness to relationship building that is long lasting you can easily have an army of social media machine guns at your disposal. Do this and your little initiative will become a full blown Cause!

A ‘cause’ contains the emotional ingredients that keep your tribe members up at night thinking about what they can do in order to contribute above and beyond any other tribe members. A ‘cause’ often times has the ‘Us vs Them’ mentality and if it’s not yet there you can simply take a few lessons from the Hegelian Dialectic to create it.


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